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Services Resuming


Sunday 6/14/2020


We will be having Services in the Sanctuary.


We ask if you are having any symptoms, please enjoy the service from home through live streaming on Face  Book


Please maintain Social Distancing.


Masks will be available. They are required until you are seated.


Seating has been set up to allow spaces between families or groups of people. 


Feel free to move your seats so that you could be as close or apart as you wish.


Please avoid handshakes or hugs.


Sunday School for all groups will be at 10:00 AM.


Parents will be required to care for their own children. The nursery is closed for now.



Windsor Bible Church Family

November 2011

Our History

     On the first Sunday following Labor Day in September 1966 a group of eleven men from the area Baptist and Bible Churches met at the Robert Klock residence to consider starting a church in the Windsor area.  At this meeting nine of the men Robert Klock, Milt Button (West Windsor Baptist Church), Clifton Colwell (Locust Hill Bible Church), Paul Colwell, Arlyn Colwell, Bill Lake (West Colesville Baptist Church), Dick Peterson, Floyd Colwell (Harpursville Baptist Church) and Edward Benson (Susquehanna Baptist Church) made a commitment to become part of this church.  It was decided that the church would start by holding Thursday night Prayer Meetings so as to not interfer with the prayer meetings of the local churches where each family would attend. 

     Over the next few months the organizing work was started.  A Constitution and statement of the Faith was adopted, permission was granted to use the Windsor Town Hall for Prayer Meetings and then a little later to hold regular church services. The incorporation papers were drawn up and filed and the property of the Old Dairymen's League Plant was purchased to remodel into a church building. 

     On New Year's Eve, December 31, 1967, one year after starting to hold regular church services the church was moved to its' new building even though only partly remodeled.  The church held all of it's services in the remodeled building from that time until now. 

     The goal of the church was and is to reach Windsor and the regions beyond with the Gospel of Christ.  From it's beginning the church started supporting missionaries to take the gospel around the world.  Vacation Bible School, Release Time Classes, young peoples choir, and AWANA Clubs were avenues the church used to help the young people of the church grow in their spiritual lives as well as reaching out to the community with the gospel of Christ. 

     In 1972 the church built a new parsonage to house its Pastor.  Then is seeing the need for more room to enhance the work of the ministry, completed a new gym building in 1980.  The gym is used even today as a way to bring the community into the church, as many local organizations use the facility. 

Jessie and Floyd Colwell, one of our founding fathers.
Reaching out to those who need prayer, a phone call or a card...just to let them know they are loved and cared about

PRAYER---Mike Putney

PHONE CALLS---Mike Putney 607-655-1612